Let’s Talk About Horizon Zero Dawn


Going into Horizon Zero Dawn, I had no idea what to expect. Guerrilla Games has always been known as the Killzone team, and Horizon Zero Dawn was the developers first attempt to making an open-world game.

Their pervious title Killzone Shadow Fall, whilst being a gorgeous game to look at, felt like nothing more than a tech demo for the PS4. And any buzz of Horizon Zero Dawn I would hear always seemed to compare it to other Ubisoft open-world titles. At which point, I had to ask myself if we really needed another open-world game in a market that is so oversaturated with them. However, what Guerrilla Games delivered, I believe, is the bar that most basic open-world games should strive for even if it is pushed in for marketing reasons. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Horizon Zero Dawn”


Let’s Talk About Nioh

Let’s Talk About Nioh

It’s difficult to talk about Nioh without talking about Dark Souls. There’s a lot of obvious borrowed mechanics from Dark Souls like shrines being bonfires, losing all your Amrita (souls) when you die and given one last chance to get them back. The creative director has gone on record saying he was greatly inspired by the Dark Souls series.

Yet, I feel giving a game the title souls-like sets a pretty high bar to reach in a game especially in the 3D space. Putting Nioh next to Dark Souls seems a bit unfair in my opinion, and I wonder how many people went in thinking that Niohwas going to replace Dark Souls, because in no way it does. But that’s not to say Nioh isn’t good. From what I played, I can say that I had a kickass time.

There are quite a few things Nioh did that I like a lot that made the game feel more than just a Souls game reskinned. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Nioh”