A Love Letter To The Future and Current Generation of Gaming.

If you were to ask me what I think about this generation of gaming, I would say it’s a great time to be a gamer. We have advanced technology that I only dreamed about as a kid available to us in the market.

If I were to time travel back when I was a five-year-old boy, back when I had no worries and a Gameboy, I would tell little ol’ me, “Hey, that Pokémon game you’re playing. Yeah, they will make a 3D version on a Gameboy that allows the images on the screen to pop-out at you. They will add a backlight to the Gameboy, so you can play at night. Just don’t let mom catch you staying up on a school night.

hqdefault“Also, if you think your N64 graphics looks good… pfft… wait till you see the future generation of consoles and the generation after that. Video games that look and feel so real you’ll ask yourself, ‘can it get any better than this?’ and the answer will always be yes.

“There will be so many games you will be overwhelmed by the choices. Right now, you’re in your Nintendo bubble, but you’ll outgrown it and play games that you never knew existed.

“There’s also online gaming. You don’t know what that is now, but basically… you know how you go over to Eli’s house (our childhood friend) to play games? Well, we will be able to do that, play games together, but stay at our own homes. So when mom doesn’t let us spend the night we can still play with Eli. But it doesn’t just work in a small area, you can play with anyone across the world.

FRANCE-VIDEO-GAMES-SHOW“Oh I have to mention VR. Virtual Reality. It’s like a helmet you put over your head that teleports you into a video game. You could live in your favorite video game if you wanted. It’s freaking crazy!

“At this time, some of the kids you go to school with will think games are uncool, but video games in the future will be badass… Don’t use that word in front of mom, she will freak. Everybody will want to be a gamer. The best part of it? We get to live through it all. We get to see all this happen as we live and breathe. I mean we created a time traveling machine! Think about it… a time traveling machine.

“Look, I’m not suppose to do this because of some time paradox or whatever, but I had to tell you. I want to show. The future of gaming is bright.”


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