Is E3 Still Relevant?

E3 is upon us! For those who don’t know, E3 or Electronic Entrainment Expo is an annual trade show where large videogame publishers gather to showcase their upcoming hardware and software.

Back in the heyday of gaming magazines, it was a great way for large videogame publishers to spread the news to the public. They would have the press come in, show them some games, and at the end of the day write about it for their magazine. But with the rise of the Internet age, gaming magazines are few and videogame publishers have new ways to communicate with the public through social media.

Which begs me to ask the question, is E3 necessary and relevant in this Internet age?


The answer is simple. Publishers and game developers don’t have to go through the hassle of waiting for one day in the year to release a game trailer that may get lost in a sea of other game trailers. So why go through it?

There are a couple of factors I think videogame companies decide to wait to layout their cards.

One of them being hype. I’ve experienced E3 in front of my computer screen since I was a freshman in high school, and every year, when publishers would showcase a game, I would get psyched; even if it’s a game for a console I don’t own. Even now, I go crazy for anything related to Final Fantasy XV despite knowing the release date and playing the demo.

Another factor is coverage. For the hardcore gamer who live and breathe gaming, they keep up with gaming news on a daily basis. However, there are gamers who don’t keep up with gaming news everyday, and will hear about something through a friend who is head deep in the gaming community.

E3 is a large weeklong event and it is almost impossible to miss. E3 is on my Facebook feed, Twitter, Instagram, and even on Snapchat, so even the non-gamer can get a whiff of the latest news.


Now, back to the question – is E3 necessary and relevant in this Internet age?


Despite it being a press conference for large videogame publishers, E3 is also a place where gamers big or small can get together, in person or through the Internet, to express their love for future games they didn’t even know they wanted.

The Internet just adds to the experience. It helps us get the news faster and connect to a larger community of gamers.

But what do you think; do you think we still need E3 in this day and age?


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