About Toy Computer

What is Toy Computer?

Anime and video games are more than just a product, they are a big part of this modern culture. As of late, anime and video games have been taken serious as an art form, spewing forums after forums of intellectual discussion between fans.

Toy Computer is a place I created to indulge myself for my love of anime and video games without isolating those on my other blog. I wanted a place where I can geek out and inquire how these two hobbies of mine affect society and culture.

So join me as I journey through the world of Japanese animation and virtual landscapes, trying to find meaning in it all; all while escaping reality.


(((Brief History)))

Before I started writing short stories and political pieces.Before I started writing long diary entries and small poems. I wrote movie reviews for my high school newspaper. That later translated to video games when I graduated.

I would later go on to review video games with my friends on Youtube, but we stopped. There were many factors that hindered us. Our time was limited and we would rush to put out reviews to meet deadlines before a game became irrelevant. Also, the project was self-financed, so money was always tight.

But perhaps the main reason was I never felt like my writing was improving, everything felt cookie cut. I never felt good judging someone else’s art either, at least not in the way I was doing it. This was good because of this or this is bad because of this sort of reviews (yuck). I felt like I was never adding to the conversation.

I took a break from it all, the reviews, and from pretending the real world never existed. I went on to study art, politics, literature, and real world issues at school. I’ve been taught how the arts should be viewed and how people talk about the arts. It’s never seen as product but rather a conversation. Sure people have their opinions, but it’s what you take away from a piece that matters and how it makes you feel.

I felt like an alien on a different planet trying to learn new lessons to take back to my home. I took in everything I could, now I’m traveling back to my bubble to tell everyone about my adventures.

I write here on this blog to show that anime is more than just cartoons. I write here on this blog to show that video games are more than just games. I write here on this blog…


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